Insurance Rates by Car Type for Foreign Vehicle Owners Now Quoted Online

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

The entrance of motor foreign vehicle brands in the U.S. market has created more of a demand for different types of car insurance. The Quotes Pros company is keeping up with industry changes and is now offering insurance rates by car to help foreign vehicle owners through its system at

Owners of vehicle brands such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru and Kia now have a more defined method of reviewing insurance costs thanks to the database update. The listings of companies that are immediately returned to users of the search system can be selected for price research in real time.

“The agencies that are quoting policies for the public through our search portal are U.S. agencies that compete for low prices and different coverage policies,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The foreign coverage plans pricing that is explored while using the finder this year is separate from the domestic provider plans also available. An American car owner can also find coverage for Ford, Chevy, Dodge or other top brands while using the insurer locator format.

“The information for individual policy pricing is provided through each insurer and no collection of information takes place using the database,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company has revamped its portal for consumers this year as one effort to satisfy the need for other types of insurance information. The life, motorcycle, renter and homeowner plans available for review at are now active.


The company is one company that helps promote different insurers using a digital system on the Internet. Consumers are granted free access the system for locating policy and price data from licensed companies. The company adds different formats for coverage through its entire database each month of the year to attract more American men and women who are in the process of insurance shopping.

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Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online, WATCH!

Click Here: to get the best auto insurance rates on your vehicle, great comparisions, easy to use platform!

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Dr. Robert W. Serum Joins F&I School, Automotive Dealership Institute, as Chancellor

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

The Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI) announces the appointment of Dr. Robert W. Serum as Chancellor. Formerly holding an advisor post to ADI’s management team, Dr. Serum will now be responsible for advising the organization in all aspects of the operation of the Scottsdale, Arizona-based F&I school.

His eminent influence in the field of automotive management and education is a welcome addition to ADI, states CEO Alan Algan.

ADI is a leading automotive management school that specializes in automotive finance training for the next generation of F&I managers through intensive courses such as Automotive Finance Management. The ADI is duly licensed by the State of Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and has earned the approval of the Arizona Department of Education.

“ADI has, for many years, been the only licensed U.S. location for the study of Finance and Insurance in automobile dealerships, states Serum. I’ve known its leaders for more than a decade and hold them in the highest regard, so the prospect of working with them in this new advisory position is a great pleasure for me.”

Serum was Vice President of Academics & International Programs at Northwood University before retiring in 2007 after a 34-year tenure. There he led and coordinated the academic aspect of all the University’s programs and campuses. He was also responsible for the launch and accreditation of Northwood’s first ever MBA Program. Later, he served as Vice President of Academics for all of Northwood University. He is a recipient of Northwood’s Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

In 2007, Dr. Serum was recognized for his pioneering leadership in the field of automotive education in the U.S. and worldwide when he was awarded the prestigious Automotive Education Excellence Award by the Automotive Industry Education Foundation (AIEF), a public charitable foundation and endowment fund.

The Michigan-born, Business Administration graduate from Hope College received his M.A. degree and later, Ph.D., at the University of Alabama.

Dr. Serum also played several advisory roles outside Northwood as well. His influence was seen and acknowledged on the international level when he led the design and accreditation process for Northwood’s BBA programs in Bahrain, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland. In addition, he was the leading figure in the creation of Northwood’s NUCARS program where he used Toyota USA’s automotive dealership simulation in creating a cross-cultural simulation competition. Since the introduction of that program, over 1,000 students from Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, and The Netherlands, not to mention Northwood, have taken part in this highly acclaimed event.

The ADI’s core course offering, the F&I Training and Management Program, maintains a very high job placement rate of more than 93 percent in all 50 states within 30 days of graduation. The school offers both in-class and online courses. Upon completion of F&I manager training, an F&I Manager makes around $ 81,000 on the national average salary scale, depending on the location, in this highly competitive position.

For more information about ADI, go to


Dr. Robert W. Serum serves ADIs management team as a trusted advisor and assists with the continued development of ADIs curriculum and the overall direction of the institution. Dr. Serum served as Vice President of Academics & International Programs at Northwood University until his retirement in 2007. During his 34 year tenure at Northwood University, Dr. Serum was the leader and coordinator of academic program content and oversaw the start-up and accreditation of Northwoods first MBA Program. In 1992, Dr. Serum became Vice President of Academics for the entire institution. He holds an A.B. In Business Administration from Hope College and an M.A. and Ph.D. From the University of Alabama. Dr. Serum is the recipient of the 2007 Automotive Education Excellence Award from Automotive Industry Education Foundation and the honorary doctor of laws from Northwood.


The Automotive Dealership Institute is a company that offers innovative automotive management training programs both in-class and online. It is committed to educating the next generation of Finance & Insurance Managers by offering courses in Automotive Finance Management and Automotive Service Advising. Both of these teach the specialized skills necessary to become a successful automotive F&I manager and expert service advisers, either at franchised new-car dealerships or at independent service shops. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Automotive Dealership Institute is the only licensed and accredited F&I school in the U.S. and accepts students from all 50 states.

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AA Car Insurance

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Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

AmeriLife & Health Services, part of AmeriLife, the nations premier life, health and annuity insurance marketing group, recently partnered with myHealthyUS, an alternative health care program, in support of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

The support garnered from this relationship, explains Wayne Witczak, Director of Development for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, will benefit our Behavioral Health Overlay Services (BHOS), which is underfunded by approximately $ 2.5M per year due to state funding changes this year.

This exciting sponsorship supports the myHealthyUS Race to Give campaign to help benefit the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, building awareness of the organization and encouraging donations through a mobile app promoted on the car, which raced in the July 4th Subway Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway, and will make another run in the season-ending Homestead race in Miami this November.

We are excited to partner with myHealthyUS, not only promoting its unique mental, physical and health plan support services, explains AmeriLife Career Agencies President, David Rainwater, but in supporting the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, which is right in our backyard here at AmeriLife.

A refreshing approach to healthcare, myHealthyUS provides a practical solution that takes advantage of the opportunities that technology offers. Not an insurance product or a discount program, myHealthyUS is a cost-effective avenue to receive medical support 24/7.

According to the American Medical Association, 70% of doctor office and emergency room visits are unnecessary. To help avoid unnecessary doctor and ER visits for things like a sinus infection, ear infection or upper respiratory infection, myHealthyUS and its MDhotline provide convenience and peace of mind, allowing your clients to speak with a qualified nurse and/or doctor to diagnose and help treat their concern.

Beyond its telemedicine platform, myHealthyUS also offers its members access to an online wellness program that provides them with a private user account, online health assessment, health reports, self-care tools, and a series of health improvement lessons, among other resources. Healthcare advocacy is also provided by myHealthyUS, comforting members with one-on-one personalized service to help navigate the healthcare system.

myHealthyUS will kick off a roadshow visiting AmeriLife offices throughout the state of Florida to help educate agents on the opportunities provided by the companys convenient and cost-effective healthcare program. A replica of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches No. 4 racecar will also join the roadshow to help create excitement around the campaign and encourage agents to share this exciting new platform with their clients. Affordable myHealthyUS membership options will be available to consumers through their AmeriLife agents soon.

The future is here and were thrilled to be a part of it, said Rainwater. And all the while supporting the children served by the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

About AmeriLife

AmeriLife & Health Services is a part of AmeriLife, the nations premier insurance marketing group. Founded in 1971, Clearwater, Florida-based AmeriLife represents more than 30 national insurance carriers; has 15 individual marketing organizations; 33 career agency branch locations; and works with hundreds of thousands of independent insurance agents across the country.

For more information about AmeriLifes involvement with myHealthyUS and the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, please contact AmeriLife Marketing Communications at Media(at)AmeriLife(dot)com.

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