How to Buy Car Insurance

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25 Responses to How to Buy Car Insurance

  1. James Shaffer says:

    **pro-tip for getting cheap insurance** Use an independent insurance agent
    (not associated with GEICO, Progressive, Allstate, or any of the big guys).
    You will get the cheapest rates from them because they don’t have to pay a
    percentage of their earnings for the corporate affiliation. My favorite
    place to use to compare quotes for the cheapest rates is
    “4AutoInsuranceQuote” (Google them), but really any quote comparison site
    will do.

  2. Afrocanuk says:

    In Canada, its illegal to be driving without car insurance. If you get
    caught, it will be a $5000.00 fine.

  3. says:

    This is a helpful video if you are looking for auto insurance.

  4. emersonforbes537 says:

    cheapest auto insurance ( -buzzurl .info- )

  5. siestakeyboi says:

    Just pick the Insurance company that Least Dominates Your area. Otherwise
    there is a good chance you will hit or be hit by someone with the SAME
    Insurance Co..and they will screw YOU over. just saying

  6. carnalucious says:

    Hmmm. I never said that the internet or the english “languege” (yet another
    typo that I don’t believe is LEET) is the property of America. When you put
    someone/something down, you look like even more of a jackass when you can’t
    use spell check. And I believe you did type your reply in english, no?

  7. dsteitz1 says:

    I think Allstate is the way to go! Call them at 1-888-384-6096!

  8. heartlessvietboy says:

    Insurance must be Government. Nevada Insurance: 10 Million people x
    $50month New York Insurance: 25 Million x $50 month California Insurance:
    30 Million x $50 month Texas Insurance: 20 Million x $50 month Kansas
    Insurance: 15 Million x $50month Colorado Insurance: 20 Million x $50 month
    South Carolina Insurance: 15 Milion x $50 Et Cetera

  9. Probewitch says:

    Actually I liked the looks of the car that was the example of paint

  10. locochepo says:

    im in the 14%

  11. JustaEropeanGuy says:

    The internet is not the property of america and neither is the english
    languege. Leet speak, how ever IS! Now go fuck your self.

  12. flaxtake5 says:

    i dun hv a car but i think this will hlp in future

  13. JustaEropeanGuy says:

    How to save america’s iconomy: Step one – save money step two – buy car
    Stop that credit shyte

  14. rantdanny says:

    This got promoted fast, but nice video.

  15. grownupTv says:

    guys how many bills do cars take because i want to buy a car and how much
    do you pay every month for your car insurance or every year i want
    intelagents xD

  16. Eddie Mars says:

    Nice graphics. Good flow. To the point.

  17. gdmrning272 says:

    the best way to buy insurance online its so easy i actually purchased my
    car through and they help me so much that was such a great site
    i tell everyone about it

  18. BlitzWing00 says:

    Great all around info! Two things they should have discuss a little better
    is the Liability & Deductible. Liability (Third Party Liability) coverage
    is probably the most important to get. It protects you if you cause damages
    to other people’s stuff. If you don’t have any and run over
    somebody….you’ll end up getting sued & financially ruined. Deductible is
    the first amount of damages on your own vehicle not covered if you’re at
    fault (meaning you have to pay this yourself).

  19. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Just go with whoever makes the funniest commercial, otherwise those
    companies are all wasting their time.

  20. quez76 says:

    never pay a past due amount on your car insurance, especially if you didnt
    get into a car accident, its not like you can go back in time and risk an

  21. JustaEropeanGuy says:

    Where IS this amazingly awful unforgivible mistake?

  22. CarCoverageDude says:

    I am only baying 20 bucks a month for the best car coverage. I dumped AAA
    for these guys, I would seriously check it out. CarCoverage(dot) webs (dot)

  23. kpcofvs911 says:

    All these comments are great! One option I urge you to check out is MCA!
    Never heard of it? lol Well pm for details on another option that certainly
    can compete with AAA but have great benefits with lower cost! :)

  24. bendudiek says:

    If it were me, I’d skip the step about credit report. Just get free quotes
    and go from there. bestdallasautoinsurance (dot) com

  25. brian browers says:

    As long as you don’t touch e-car insurance you might be ok